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10 Easy, Wallet-Friendly Recipes with Big Flavors!

These 10 simple recipes turn humble ingredients into feast-worthy dishes on a shoestring budget!

Quick Fried Rice

Easy "clear your fridge" fried rice that comes together in 15 minutes with day-old rice!

Aloo Gobi

olden, crispy roasted aloo gobi pairs perfectly with rice for an Indian-inspired meal.

Beans & Cornbread

Savor the simplicity of Southern comfort with classic beans and cornbread.

Green Rice Casserole

Delight in an easy, cheesey casserole full of greens and cheesy rice for a nutritious twist.

Hummus Falafel Bowl

Enjoy a hummus and falafel bowl loaded with any other veggies or proteins you have in your house!

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Experience traditional lasagna flavors in a carb-conscious spaghetti squash version. Add any ground meat of choice too!


Find comfort in a bowl of detoxifying Indian rice and lentil porridge loaded with veggies. Great as breakfast or dinner!

Ethiopian Cabbage

Impress with simple, flavorful Ethiopian cabbage paired with rice. Simple, warm spices and filling veggies - winning combo!

Authentic Cacio e Pepe

Love a minimalist recipe? Try this authentic cacio e pepe recipe from Rome which needs just three ingredients!

Gilgeori Toast

Try this savory-sweet, crunchy Korean street toast sandwich with eggs, cabbage and carrots !