Best Potatoes for Soups and Stews

Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, but if you've ever found your mashed potatoes grainy and soups too mushy, then you might be using the wrong type of potatoes! Let's find out the best potatoes for soups and stews and get it right the first time!

Starchy potatoes (e.g., Russet potatoes, Idaho potatoes, most sweet potatoes)

Types of Potatoes

Waxy potatoes (e.g., Red Bliss or fingerling potatoes)

Multi-purpose or all-purpose potatoes (e.g., Yukon Golds or Maris Piper potatoes)

Best Potato for Creamy Soups

Russet potatoes fall apart easily when cooked but are great once you whip them.

Yukon Gold, white and yellow potatoes have more moisture than Russet potatoes, and make a great base for soups.

Sweet potatoes and yams can also be used in creamy soups for a sweet flavor.

Best Potato for Stews and Chunky Soups

Red potatoes hold their shape really well and are great when simmered in soups,

Purple potatoes have medium-starch and are great when used cubed in soups.

Fingerling potatoes are great in soups because they are small, bite-sized and have a unique shape.

Russet and Yukon Gold are great for mashed potatoes. Russets are also great for making potato wedges. Red, fingerling or baby golds are perfect for making roasted potatoes.

Best Potato for Other Dishes

How to pick potatoes? I like potatoes with a clean skin and minimal indents. Avoid any potatoes with a green tinge, too many "eyes" or sprouts. This is due to solanine, a toxin that can make you sick, or make the potatoes really bitter.

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