Classic American Potato Salad

This classic American potato salad is the perfect side dish for summer BBQs! Made with boiled eggs, this creamy recipe can be made ahead and tastes even more delicious the next day!

What you Need

Prepare potatoes


Chop peeled potatoes into cubes. Add the potatoes and eggs to a pot filled with salted water and cook for 15-18 minutes.

Make dressing


Mix the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl until well combined.

Prepare eggs


Drain the cooked potatoes. Peel the hard boiled eggs, chop into quarters and allow to cool.

Mix all ingredients


Add the potatoes and egg to the bowl with remaining ingredients. Gently toss and garnish with paprika and fresh chopped parsley.

- Choose the right type of potatoes. For a classic potato salad, you’ll want waxy potatoes. - Cut them into equal sizes to help cook evenly.

Expert Tips

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