Easy Skillet Naan

Why you'll love this recipe

Authentic, traditional recipe

Uses cast iron to replicate traditional tandoors

Comes together in 90 minutes

Freezes easy

Yeast Sugar | Active Dry Yeast Water

Naan Ingredients

Naan All-purpose Flour | Yogurt Olive Oil | Baking Powder | Salt

Add sugar, warm water and yeast together and mix well. Let it sit in a warm place until frothy.


Whisk salt, baking powder and flour. Add yogurt and oil to the yeast mixture, then pour into the flour. Mix until a soft dough forms. Place in a covered bowl for at least an hour.

Divide dough into 6 equal portions and roll into a flatbread shape one at a time. If adding seasoning like garlic or sesame, press into one side. Brush the non-seasoned side with water.

Cook in a very hot skillet for 5 seconds. Cover and cook for 45 seconds. Flip the naan and cook for another 45 seconds.

Brush with a thin layer of butter or even butter mixed with some garlic and cilantro  and serve hot! ENJOY!

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