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Vegetable Korma

Perfect candidate for a quick weeknight dinner!


– Coconut – Ginger paste – Green chili peppers – Tomatoes – Red onion – Vegetable oil – Coconut cream – Potatoes – Frozen peas

Step 1

Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to a medium pot with water. Peel the potatoes and quarter them into clean chunks.

Step 2

Add quartered potatoes to the pot and bring to a boil on medium heat for about 20 minutes.

Step 3

Drain the potatoes, mash and set aside. While potatoes are boiling, chop tomatoes, onions and chili peppers.

Step 4

Add coconut, ginger paste, garlic, tomatoes, half the onions, red chili powder, and green chili peppers into a blender and pulse into a smooth paste.

Step 5

Heat some oil in a medium pot on medium flame. Add other half of chopped onions and saute until fragrant - about 3 minutes.

Step 6

Add the pulsed sauce to the sautéed onions along with the mashed potatoes and a cup of coconut cream, salt, half a cup of water, and bring to a simmer.

Step 7

Simmer for 3-5 minutes covered. Add the frozen peas at the very end and stir into the korma.

Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve hot!

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